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Ucla Rebellion, The

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UCLA REBELLION, THE. This is a term coined by film scholar Clyde Taylor when referring to a group of African American and other minority students who attended film school at the the University of California, Los Angeles during the 1970s and initiated a black independent filmmaking movement. Galvanized by the political and cultural awareness of the civil rights movement, they were inspired by the revolutionary ideologies of Marxism, Maoism and Guevarism, and their films often stressed Black Nationalism and addressed the class warfare being waged against the black family. These students often had to resort to guerilla-style tactics to obtain production equipment and post production facilities to make their films and developed a proclivity to rebel against the Hollywood system and remain independent. These filmmakers included Abdosh Abdulhafiz, Carol Blue, Charles Burnett, Ben Caldwell, Larry Clark, Julie Dash, Jamaa Fanaka, Teshome Gabriel, David Garcia, Haile Gerima, Pamela Jones, Alile Sharon Larkin, Francis Martinez, John Reir, Billy Woodberry, and Tommy Wright. A larger, but perhaps less rebellious wave transitioned through the UCLA film program in the early 1980s, including Gay Abel-Bey, Melvonna Ballenger, S. Torriano Berry, Dalili Davis, Zeinabu irene Davis, Willy Dawkins, Derek Deterville, Nancy Jones, Marie Kellier, Bernard Nicholas, Rico Richardson, Valencia Sinclair, Valorie Thomas, Robert Wheaton, and Iverson White.

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