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Uncle Tom's Cabin. 1903, 1914, 1927, 1969, 1987

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UNCLE TOM’S CABIN . 1903, 1914, 1927, 1969, 1987. Drama. This multi remade tale of slavery and the old South is based on the Harriet Beecher Stowe novel. The 1914 first silent version is credited with being the first major motion picture to cast a black man, Sam Lucas, in a lead role. The 1903 production utilized white actors in blackface. In 1927, Universal Studios put a record $2 million into the second silent production of the abolitionist novel with a huge cast and long shooting schedule to match the big budget. The first sound version was made in 1969. Although the story is about a Kentucky family suffering through the oppression of slavery the production was filmed in Yugoslavia and had an international cast. The next U. S. version was a TV movie made in 1987 and was the first to hire an African American director. Cast: 1914 version (54 min.): Mary Eline, Irving Cummings, Sam Lucas. Director: William Robert Daly. 1927 version (112 min.): James B. Lowe, Margarita Fischer, George Siegmann, Virginia Grey. Director: Harry A. Pollard. Writers: Harry A. Pollard, Harvey Thew. Cinematographers: Charles Stumar, Jacob Kull. Music: Emo Rapee. 1969 version (120 min): Herbert Lom, John Kitzmiller, O.W. Fischer, Eleanora Rossi-Drago, Mylene Demongeot, Juliette Greco. Director: Geza von Radvanyi. Voiceover: Ella Fitzgerald. 1987 version (110 min.): Averi Brooks, Kate Burton, Bruce Dern, Paula Kelly, Phylicia Rashad, Kathryn Walker, Edward Woodward, Frank Converse, George Coe, Albert Hall. Director: Stan Lathan.

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