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Ward, Richard (1915–1979)

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WARD, RICHARD (1915–1979). Actor, writer, director. He was born in Glenside, Pennsylvania, and educated at Tuskegee Institute. After performing on the vaudeville stage with Florida Blossoms as part of the comedy team of Dot, Flo, and Dick, Ward joined the American Negro theater and toured the United States and Canada as the troop emcee. His first film work came in a series of Tarzan movies from 1937–1939, and he appeared on the theatrical stage in countless productions, including St. Louis Woman , 1946; Shuffle Along , 1952; and the European tour of Anna Lucasta , 1954. He returned to the big screen in the 1960s in a string of important bit parts in films, such as Black Like Me , 1964; Nothing But a Man , 1964; and The Learning Tree , 1969. In 1947, Ward won a best short story award from the Saturday Evening Post . He was founder and director of the drama department at the International School of Performing Arts, 1960, and he directed at the Hartford Stage Co. of Hartford, Connecticut, and Center Stage in Baltimore, Maryland.

Filmography: Tarzan Series , 1937–1939; Public Enemy #1 , 1962; Black Like Me , 1964; The Cool World , 1964; Nothing But a Man , 1964; The Learning Tree , 1969; Brother John , 1971; Across 110th Street , 1972; Cops and Robbers , 1973; Mandingo , 1975; The Jerk , 1979; Brubaker , 1980.

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