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White Girl, The. 1988

brown tony film director

WHITE GIRL, THE . 1988. (PG) 94 min. Drama. This film’s title is taken from a slang term used for cocaine, and also represents the main character’s desire to deny her culture and assimilate into white society. A young girl enters college with a colorblind mindset, but soon finds herself in a tug-of-war between a drug habit, her blackness, and manipulating forces beyond her control. The producer director TV journalist Tony Brown billed it as the first "Buy Freedom" motion picture. Profits from this film were to be used to help build an independent, self-sustaining, black owned and controlled film community. This was a noble concept that has yet   to be revisited. Cast: Troy Beyer, Taimak, Teresa Yvon Farley, Diane B. Shaw, O. L. Duke, Petronia Paley, Donald Craig, Don Hannah, Michael Duerloo, Sherry Williams, Twila Wolfe, Kevin Campbell. Writer/director: Tony Brown. Cinematographers: Joseph M. Wilcots, Tony Vigna. Music: George Porter Martin, Jimmy Lee Brown.

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