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Williams, Vanessa L. (1963–)

award film hit song

WILLIAMS, VANESSA L. (1963–). Actress, singer. Originally from New York City, Vanessa Lynne Williams became the first black Miss America in 1983. She was forced to give up her title for having posed nude in a series of photos that appeared in Penthouse magazine. She weathered the scorn and criticism, moving forward with a very successful career in music and film. Her debut album, The Right Stuff , went gold and included the hit single “Dreamin’.” Future hits included “Save the Best for Last,” and the theme song for the Disney animated film Pocahontas . That song, “Colors of the Wind,” won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Grammy Award. Her first film, Under the Gun , 1988, led to much larger roles in Eraser , 1996; Hoodlum , 1997; Soul Food , 1997; and Dance with Me , 1998. Her made-for-television movies include Stompin’ at the Savoy , 1992; The Jacksons: An American Dream , 1992; and The Odyssey , 1997. Williams made her Broadway debut in 1994 in the hit musical Kiss of the Spider Woman .

Filmography: The Pick-Up Artist , 1987; Under the Gun , 1988; Full Exposure: The Sex Tape Scandals , 1989; The Kid Who Loved Christmas , 1990; Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man , 1991; The Jacksons: An American Dream , 1992; Bye Bye Birdie , 1995; Hoodlum , 1996; Eraser , 1996; Soul Food , 1997; The Odyssey , 1997; Futuresport , 1998; Dance with Me , 1998; Light It Up , 1999; Shaft 2000 , 2000; Don Quixote , 2000; Winds of Terror , 2001.

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