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Alexander the Great

fourteenth centuries twelfth scenes

The life and deeds of Alexander III of Macedon (356–323 B.C. ) were recorded soon after his *death and expanded and translated through the late classical and early Christian period. Various fantastic stories evolved which provided the foundation for the continuing fascination with Alexander during the Middle Ages. Poems and prose narratives were produced in Latin and numerous vernacular languages from the twelfth through fourteenth Page 8  centuries, notably the French Roman d’Alexandre of the late twelfth century. Lavishly illustrated manuscripts of the many Alexander romances were created for courtly patrons of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Particular scenes (such as Alexander’s ascent to *heaven, carried by griffins) also appear in early Byzantine ivories and Romanesque and Gothic sculpture and metalwork. In art of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, Alexander is included among the “Nine Worthies” ; he also may appear as a witness in scenes of *Aristotle and Campaspe.

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