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Anselm, Saint

lanfranc anselm’s canterbury rufus

Born in Lombardy, Anselm studied under Lanfranc at the Norman abbey of Bec from 1059, took monastic vows there, was appointed prior , then abbot of Bec Anselm was appointed archbishop of Canterbury (following Lanfranc) by King William Rufus, beginning a stormy career fraught with controversies over church/state relations through the reigns of William Rufus and Henry I. He was exiled from England several times until eventually, with papal assistance, reached a compromise with Henry I on the issue of lay investiture. His copious writings include important theological treatises, a vast collection of letters, philosophical works, prayers and meditations (devotional exercises). These latter were first illustrated during Anselm’s lifetime, and probably at his direction, with a variety of biblical and hagiographic subjects relevant to the texts. Anselm’s biography was written by his close friend, the Canterbury monk Eadmer. In art, Anselm appears in ecclesiastical vestments, with mitre and crozier.

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