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Andriessen, Hendrik (Franciscus)

organist music modern father

Andriessen, Hendrik (Franciscus), eminent Dutch organist, pedagogue, and composer, brother of Willem (Christiaan Nicolaas) Andriessen and father of Jurriaan Andriessen and Louis (Joseph) Andriessen; b.Haarlem, Sept. 17, 1892; d. Heemstede, April 12, 1981. He studied music with his brother; then took piano and organ lessons with Louis Robert and J. B. de Pauw; studied composition with Zweers at the Amsterdam Cons. (1914–16); subsequently taught harmony there (1926–34). He succeeded his father as organist at St. Joseph’s Church in Haarlem (1913–34); was then organist at Utrecht Cathedral (1934–49). He was director of the Royal Cons, of Music in The Hague (1949–57) and special prof. at the Catholic Univ. in Nijmegen (1952–63). His music is Romantically inspired; some of his instrumental works make use of modern devices, including melodic atonality and triadic polytonality. He was particularly esteemed for his revival of the authentic modalities of Gregorian chant; his choral works present a remarkable confluence of old usages with modern technical procedures.

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