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Bathsheba became the wife of King *David after he caused her husband Uriah (one of his military captains) to be positioned so as to be killed in battle. David’s lust for the beautiful Bathsheba, whom he first glimpsed from the roof of his palace while she was bathing, is described in 2 Samuel 11:2. Her response to his royal demands resulted in her pregnancy, the *death of Uriah, her subsequent marriage to David, their rebukes by the prophet *Nathan, the death of her first son by David and the later birth of their son *Solomon; all of these events are detailed in 2 Samuel 11-12. Bathsheba features again, at David’s deathbed, in 1 Kings 1, ensuring the succession and anointing of Solomon. Scenes from the life of David involving Bathsheba are found throughout medieval art; the subject of David viewing her bathing became especially popular in the later medieval period, when it may involve an elaborate landscape and architectural composition with the small figure of David peering down upon a partly clothed or nude Bathsheba in a garden setting. Illustrations of their rebuke by Nathan, her marriage to David, and the birth of Solomon are all also found earlier, especially in the detailed cycles of biblical illustrations in Romanesque and Gothic manuscripts.
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