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Bonaventura, Saint

franciscan appointed official paris

he Tuscan-born scholastic theologian and philosopher Giovanni de Fidanza (1221–1274, later named Bonaventura, “good fortune”) joined the Franciscans in 1243. After studies at the University of Paris, he was appointed master of the Franciscan School in Paris in 1253 and in 1257 was appointed minister-general of the Franciscans, after receiving his doctorate in theology with Saint *Thomas Aquinas (whose views he often opposed in his own writings). Bonaventura was a capable administrator whose leadership assured the continued existence and success of the Franciscan order. His treatise, On the Poverty of Christ , was influential on Pope Alexander IV’s official approval and protection of the mendicant orders in 1256. Elected cardinal bishop of Albano by Pope Gregory X in 1273, Bonaventura’s involvement with church politics brought about a brief reunion of the western and Byzantine churches at the Council of Lyons in 1274. Among many works Bonaventura authored the official biography of Saint *Francis. Bon-aventura was canonized in 1482; scenes from his life are rare until the later Middle Ages and Renaissance period. He otherwise appears as an *author, dressed in the Franciscan habit, or wearing the bishop’s mitre or cardinal’s hat.
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