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Cyril and Methodias, Saints

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Apostles of the Slavs," the brothers Cyril and Methodias, educated in Constantinople, were sent by the emperor Michael III as Christian missionaries to Russia in 861 and in 863 were sent as missionaries to Moravia. Their great success was due to their knowledge of the native language, their teaching in the vernacular, and their translation of some of the scriptures and liturgy into Slavonic. They created a writing system for their translations which became the basis for the Cyrillic alphabet. Opposition from German missionaries and bishops led the brothers eventually to leave for Rome, where Cyril became a monk (taking the name Cyril) and died in 869. They brought the *relics of Saint *Clement to Rome and a shrine was constructed. Methodias (d. 885) was consecrated bishop of Moravia and, in spite of continued Germanic opposition, received papal approval for his continued work and for his practice of celebrating the Mass in Slavonic. Cyril and Methodias are often depicted on Byzantine *icons; they may be shown holding a church between them, or surrounded by converts.

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