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The wickedness of humans prompted *God to decide to destroy them all with the exception of *Noah and his family. Genesis 6-9 describes the forty days and forty nights of rain and the flood which lasted for 150 days. All living things perished except for Noah and his family and the sets of animals of each kind carried in Noah’s ark. When the flood subsided, the ark came to rest on Mount Ararat, and Noah sent out a raven and then a dove (which eventually returned with an olive branch and then, sent out again, didn’t return to the ark). Determining that the earth was now habitable, Noah sent his family and animals out of the ark. Artistic representations of the deluge vary in detail and complexity. In early Christian catacomb frescoes, Noah floats alone in a small box, emphasizing the concept of salvation. The ark may appear as a floating chest, house, or as a more boatlike vessel. Sometimes Noah, his family or the animals are shown peering out to observe the waters and the floating, drowned bodies of humans and animals. The image continues to feature in biblical narrative depictions through the Middle Ages.

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