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Fall of the Rebel Angels

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The *angels who rebelled against *God and were cast out of *heaven onto the earth, with the *Devil, are mentioned in Revelation The account is not found in the Old Testament The early source for the tale of the rebel angels is the apocryphal Book of the Secrets of Enoch , which includes descriptions of the heavens and insights revealed to *Enoch about *Creation. The rebel angels were, according to this source, 200 in number. This theme of angelic disobedience was taken up in the New Testament and by numerous early Christian and later medieval writers (e.g., *Augustine, *Isidore of Seville, Origen, and many others) who increased the number of rebel angels and offered various explanations for their rebellion (pride, greed, lust) while emphasizing the factors of free will and choice involved with the sin of disobedience. The angels were created good but chose to become evil. They became, on earth, evil people, *demons, or demonic forces. In pictorial form, the subject can be found in illustrations of Genesis, the *Apocalypse, and may be linked with *Last Judgment images which depict Saint *Michael battling with the great dragon during the war in heaven between the forces of good and evil. The rebellious angels tumble from heaven, turn into demons, and may be shown swallowed up in the *Mouth of Hell.
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