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Following the *Arrest and *Trials of Christ, the Roman governor *Pontius Pilate ordered *Christ to be whipped (as permissible before *crucifixion, in Roman law). The event is briefly described in all four Gospels and was elaborated in later medieval mystical writings. The subject is found in western art from the ninth century onward but is somewhat less frequent in Byzantine art. Normally, Christ is depicted standing upright with his hands tied Page 89  to a column or pillar while two figures lash him with whips. The attackers are frequently placed to either side of Christ, creating a symmetrical composition. Pilate may be shown seated and observing. The architectural setting of Pilate’s judgment hall may be indicated. Early examples may show Christ wearing a long robe; from the twelfth century he is more often shown with simply a loincloth, and in the thirteenth century, the wounds on his body tend to be emphasized dramatically. The subject appears in manuscript illustration, wall paintings, stained glass, and sculpture, and was especially favored by the Franciscans; hence it appears frequently on Italian painted processional crosses of the thirteenth century onward.
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