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Anglés, Higini

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Anglés, Higini, eminent Catalonian musicologist; b. Maspujols, Jan. 1, 1888; d. Rome, Dec. 8, 1969. He studied theology and philosophy at the Seminario de Tarrágona (ordained, 1912), then pursued music training with José Cogul (harmony), Vicente de Gilbert (harmony, counterpoint, fugue, and organ), Barberà (composition and folk song), and Pedrell (musicology and music history) in Barcelona (1913–19). In 1917 he became head of the music dept. of the Biblioteca de Catalunya in Barcelona. In 1923–24 he completed his studies with W. Gurlitt at the Univ. of Freiburg im Breisgau and F. Ludwig at the Univ. of Gôttingen. From 1927 to 1936 he was prof. of music history at the Barcelona Cons. In 1943 he became director of the Instituto Español de Musicologia. In 1947 he was made director of the Pontifical Inst. of Sacred Music in Rome. He was an authority on Spanish music of the Middles Ages and the Renaissance. He publ. Cantigas del Rei N’Anfos el Savi (Barcelona, 1927), Historia de la música española (Barcelona, 1935), La música a Catalunya fins al segle XIII (Barcelona, 1935), La música española desde la edad media hasta nuestros dias (Barcelona, 1941), L’opera di Morales e lo sviluppo della polifonia sacra spangola nel 1500 (Rome, 1954), and Studio musicologia (Rome, 1959). He ed. El Códex Musical de Las Huelgas (1927–31) and the works of J. Pujol (1927–32) and J. Cabanilles (1927–56). In 1941 he initiated the series Monuentos de la música española, which publ. La música en la corte de los Reyes Católicos (1941–51) and the works of Morales (1952–69), Victoria (1965–69), and Cabezon (1966).

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