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Gregory of Nazianzus, Saint

basil bishop illustrated appointed

Gregory “The Theologian” (329-389), son of the bishop of Nazianzus in Cappadocia, studied in Athens, where he became friends with Saint *Basil and with whom he lived a solitary life as a monk for several years. Ordained as a priest c.362, in c.372 he was appointed bishop of Sasima (a village in Cappadocia that he never visited). He assisted his father in Nazianzus and was called to Constantinople in 379 where he was appointed bishop (381) but resigned before the year’s end. A scholarly contemplative, Gregory’s fame rests in his *preaching and teaching, which were influential in combating heresy. His writings include a large collection of poems, letters and, most significantly, his theological orations (or sermons) from his years in Constantinople. Numerous illustrated copies of these sermons were produced in the Byzantine world; one richly illustrated example from the late ninth century produced for the emperor Basil I contains forty-six pictures of biblical scenes and *saints’ lives. When Gregory appears in art, he is often accompanied by Saints Basil and *John Chrysostom (together they are the three *Doctors of the Byzantine church recognized in the medieval period).
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