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Guillaume de Machaut

dou dit musical include

The influential and innovative French poet and composer Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300–1377) was associated with the courts of a number of powerful aristocrats, including John of Luxembourg (king of Bohemia); Bonne of Luxembourg (queen of France); Charles II of Navarre; Jean, duke of Berry; and Philip the Bold of Burgundy. The works he created for these wealthy patrons were often luxuriously illustrated by the best artists Page 110  of the fourteenth century and include long allegorical poems of romance, e.g., the Dit dou vergier (The Orchard Poem) , the Jugement dou Roy de Behaigne (Judgment of the King of Bohemia), Jugement dou Roy de Navarre , the Dit dou lyon (Poem of the Lion) , and the Dit de l’alerion (Tale of the Eaglet) . Many of his works include musical compositions (e.g., the Remède de Fortune , the Fon-teinne amoureuse , the Livre dou voir dit ), and Machaut is responsible for hundreds of other musical pieces and poems. Some of his works also include significant descriptions and illustrations of music instruments and performances. Machaut’s versatility in a variety of musical genres as well as his inventiveness have earned him a prominent position in the history of music as well as literature.
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