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ruled saint responsible questioning

The name Herod occurs numerous times in the New Testament referencing four members of a family of Palestinian rulers in the first centuries B.C. and A.D. Various of these Herods appear in early Christian and medieval art, dressed as kings (in rich robes, often crowned) and feature in a number of specific episodes. The historical figures tend to be conflated into one generic image of an evil tyrant, ultimately responsible for many wicked deeds.

HEROD THE GREAT ruled from 37-4 B.C. Jesus was born during his reign, and Herod the Great was responsible for ordering the *Massacre of the Innocents. He is also seen questioning the magi

One of his sons, HEROD ANTIPAS ruled c.4 B.C. to 39 A.D. This Herod was ultimately responsible for the *death of Saint *John the Baptist as well as one of the interrogations of Jesus before the *Crucifixion .

HEROD AGRIPPA I (Herod the Great’s grandson), who ruled c.37/41–44 is mentioned in Acts 12:1-2 as responsible for the death of the *apostle Saint *James the Greater and the imprisonment of Saint *Peter, while his son HEROD AGRIPPA II ruled certain northern territories from c.50–93; this is the king mentioned in Acts 25-26 who called Saint *Paul in for questioning.

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