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Holy Family

mary joseph saint jesus

Although the term Holy Family may apply to the extended genealogy of Jesus’ grandparents and other relations (e.g., the parents of the Virgin *Mary: Saint *Anne and *Joachim; Mary’s relative Saint *Elizabeth and her son: Saint *John the Baptist;, the Holy Family most often refers to the triad of Jesus, Mary, and Saint *Joseph. The three frequently appear together in narrative images such as the *Nativity, *Presentation in the Temple, and *Flight into Egypt, as well as (especially in later medieval art) domestic scenes set in their home in Nazareth after their return from Egypt. Although specific details of Jesus’ childhood are virtually lacking in the canonical Gospels, the narratives were supplied by several apocryphal “infancy Gospels” (e.g., the Protevangelium of James and Evangelium of the Page 121  Pseudo-Matthew ) and later elaborated in works such as the * Golden Legend . The increasing popularity of the cults of both Mary and Joseph in the later medieval period is also reflected in depictions of the Holy Family that emphasize family life and domestic virtues. Mary and Joseph may be shown watching the infant Jesus at play or engaged in household or other duties (Mary reads or sews, Joseph works with his carpentry tools) while Jesus sleeps in his cradle.
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