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The third of the Old Testament *patriarchs and father of the ancestors of the twelve tribes of Israel, Jacob was the son of *Isaac and *Rebecca and the grandson of *Abraham and *Sarah. His life is described in chapters 25-49 of Genesis. Events from Jacob’s life often shown in medieval art include the episode where, with the help of his mother, Jacob managed to trick his twin brother, *Esau, out of receiving the blessing of their blind, aged father; Jacob’s vision of a ladder to heaven his all-night wrestling with an unidentified man (or *angel) who blessed Jacob and renamed him “Israel”; his life with his wives *Rachel and *Leah and his uncle Laban; the adventures of his son *Joseph in Egypt; and Jacob’s later life and *death in Egypt. Christian commentators (such as Saint *Augustine) saw Isaac’s blessing of Jacob as a prefiguration of *Christ, and the mysterious wrestling episode was interpreted, by Christian theologians, as symbolic of the struggle between *virtue and *vice, the *church and the *synagogue, or (per Saint *Gregory Nazianzus) the interior conflict of good and evil in the human *soul.
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