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First mentioned in the second century apocryphal Protevangelium of James , Joachim was the father of the Virgin *Mary and the husband of Saint *Anne. The lives of Joachim and Anne were elaborated in the thirteenth-century

  • Golden Legend , and although they had been previously depicted in art, narrative illustrations abound after this date especially. Their childless state, after twenty years of marriage, was criticized by the high priest of the Temple in Jerusalem; Joachim retired to the desert and fasted for forty days and nights, at the end of which an *angel appeared and announced that Anne would conceive. The angel appeared to her with a similar message. They were both directed to meet at the Golden Gate of Jerusalem. Joachim is generally shown as an old man with a beard; related narratives include his rejection at the Temple, his vigil in the desert and visit by the angel (usually understood to be *Gabriel), his embracing Anne at the Golden Gate, his standing by in amazement at Mary’s birth, and finally his assisting Anne in the *Presentation of the Virgin at the Temple.
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