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Joshua, companion and helper of *Moses, became the leader of the Israelites after the *death of Moses and directed the conquests of the city of Jericho and other sites in the land of Canaan. Several scenes from his life are often illustrated in art, including the miraculous passage through the Jordan river, his meeting an *angel, the fall of the city of Jericho, the sun and the moon standing still, plus other scenes of battle and violence. The name Joshua is a variation of Jesus; Christian interpreters thus identified him as an Old Testament prefiguration of *Christ, and events from his life are typologically connected with New Testament episodes: the fall of Jericho foreshadows the *Last Judgment, and the twelve stones he took from the river Jordan represent the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve *apostles. Scenes from the life of Joshua are found in early Christian mosaics, in detailed sequential narrative form in the unusual tenth-century Byzantine “Joshua Roll” and are frequent in western medieval and Byzantine manuscript illustration.
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