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Jude, Saint

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Jude (or Judas Thaddeus) was one of the twelve *apostles and traditionally the *author of the Epistle of Jude. He is mentioned by name in the Gospels (in lists of the apostles, e.g., *Luke 6:16) and is cited as having been present at the *Last Supper and *Pentecost . Apocryphal texts expand upon his role in the New Testament; the Passion (or Acts) of Simon and Jude (contained within the Apostolic History of Abdias) recounts his missionary work and many adventures with the apostle Simon in Persia, Syria, and Mesopotamia and their eventual *martyrdom by being beaten to death with clubs and sticks after they exorcised *demons from a pagan temple. He also features in the legends of the * Mandylion , serving as the emissary to King Abgar of Edessa (healing him, or actually bringing the *relic to him). These stories are also all detailed in the * Golden Legend . He appears in art from the fifth century onward, among groups of apostles (identifiable by his attribute, a stick or club), is often paired with Simon, and also appears in narratives detailing his deeds and martyrdom.
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