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Marriage of the Virgin

mary joseph especially legend

The marriage of the Virgin Mary to Saint *Joseph is not described in the canonical Gospels although the events surrounding their betrothal (the selection of the aged Joseph to wed the young virgin; receive detailed coverage in the apocryphal Protevangelium of James and later elaboration in the * Golden Legend . Although the texts offer minimal information about the actual marriage ceremony, the subject is found in art especially of the later medieval period reflecting increasing devotion to Mary and interest in the details of her early life. The scene generally involves a compositional core of three figures: the elderly Joseph and youthful Mary kneel or stand before the appropriately garbed high priest who holds or joins their hands. Alternately, and especially in Italian art, Joseph will be shown placing a ring on Mary’s finger. The setting is often outdoors or indicated as taking place outside the Temple in Jerusalem, which may appear as a minimal or more elaborate backdrop. The parents of the Virgin (Anne and Page 166  *Joachim) may be present, as well as the seven maidens attending Mary, mentioned in the Golden Legend .
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