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Michael, Saint

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The name Michael means “who is like *God”; he is the greatest among the archangels and is named in the books of *Daniel , *Jude , and Revelation Michael is popular and frequently represented in both western medieval and Byzantine art: ivories, mosaics, *icons, *manuscripts, sculpture, metalwork, and wall paintings.   Traditionally, Michael’s primary roles are as chief opponent of the forces of evil and as weigher of *souls at the *Last Judgment. In early Christian art, Michael is shown with the attributes of the classical god Mercury (caduceus, winged hat) who performed similar soul-weighing duties. Throughout medieval art, he appears as a powerful winged figure, often dressed in armor, carrying a shield, sword, or spear, and overcoming *Satan (the *Devil) or the symbolic dragon of evil. He also often holds a globe, representing Christian triumph over the world. Various *miracles and miraculous appearances are attributed to Michael, and shrines to Michael are often in high places; his association with danger, combat, *death, and the Last Judgment explain his position as patron of the dying.
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