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Miraculous Draught of Fishes

jesus stranger nets shore

The Gospels record two miracles in which Jesus brought about the catching of surprisingly great amounts of *fish. *Luke describes how Jesus entered a boat to preach to a huge crowd gathered on the shore of the sea of Galilee; he instructed the boat’s owner, Simon (Peter), to put out the nets even though no fish at all had been caught the previous night. So many fish were then hauled up that the nets broke, and help from a nearby boat was required. Both boats grew so filled with fish that they almost sank, but Jesus assured the disciples’ safety and named them henceforth “fishers of men.” The scene is hence often conflated with the *Calling of Peter and Andrew. The second account describes how, after Jesus’ *Crucifixion, seven of the disciples were unsuccessfully fishing when a stranger, standing on the shore, asked them for food. The stranger instructed them where to cast their nets, and a huge quantity of fish was caught. The disciples then recognized the stranger as the resurrected Jesus, and they shared a meal together. These subjects are somewhat less frequently depicted in medieval art than other scenes of Jesus’ miracles.
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