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Mission of the Apostles

jesus power ascension duties

The New Testament contains several references to the duties which Jesus directed his disciples to undertake. Before his Ascension, Jesus charged the *apostles with bearing witness of him “unto the uttermost part of the earth” (Acts 1:8); elsewhere, he enjoined them to “teach all nations” and to baptize (Matthew 28:19); he gave them the power to save and condemn (Mark 16:16), to heal the sick, and to perform *exorcisms (Luke 9:1-2). These duties of the apostles are illustrated in numerous episodes of *preaching, baptizing, healing, and exorcism, which appear pictorially narrated in various contexts as well as in scenes of Jesus endowing them with power and sending them forth. Closely related to images of the Ascension and *Pentecost (the Descent of the *Holy Spirit), the Mission of the Apostles may be shown with *Christ emitting rays of power from his hands and towering over the apostles (as rather uniquely in Romanesque sculpture at Vézelay), gesturing toward Page 177  them as they walk away, or handing books or scrolls to flanking apostles .
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over 6 years ago

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For understanding Mens of God - As the Beast will be on Earth have raised

I wonder espirtualmente we are asleep, that God had a dream in which he told me of the end has already begun, but no one noticed yet, and a few days later I had another dream down a ladder from a tomb in a pyramid of egypt Saying Ramitek Pharaoh, ( the incredible fascination for those who worship Pharaoh - the Masons of world, and then woke up, and understanding that came to the heart, which was a tomb of a Pharaoh's unbelievable to be found, and it becomes desolate, and admirers of the cult of mysticism of Egypt and also the very Freemasonry that worships pyramids, to believe the revelation will be a pharaoh found beneath the waters, because his tomb is inside the pyramid in the water,he go ilmunitations are pyramids- The Pharaoh of waters. but not completely understand what this means and deep connection which has the Beast, but I know that apostasy is already beginning in this bible that says we can not serve two masters, can not serve God and Mammon, and mamon here is Freemasonry, very apostles and bishops and pastors today involved with Freemasonry are also Grand Masters, which shows us that one day such division results in the choice of only one of the principle of SAUL, through the sin of 2Thessalonians 2 verses, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 - The beast is raised as an anti-Christ, the sin of an apostle of Jesus Christ, apostasy, in a vision I had the voice of the man who said he would drink all night and then wake up someone else and it would cause him to be ago the body of Moses, but he will go to Egypt, and tell you more he will be called Name epitituals - The POPE - MESSIAH - RESSURRECTED for all peoples of world.

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avail in bible mens of God.

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almost 7 years ago

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