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Mystic Wine Press

christ blood grapes medieval

The wine press of *God’s wrath is mentioned in *Isaiah 63:3 and Rev. 14:19-20. The blood which pours forth was likened by early Christian theologians (e.g., Saint *Augustine) and later medieval authors (e.g., *Rupert of Deutz) to the sacrifice of *Christ. Augustine and others also referenced the episode in Numbers 13:17-24 when spies, sent out by *Moses to Canaan, returned bearing grapes on a pole (as a prefiguration of the *Crucifixion). The symbolism of grapes-wine-blood is frequently found in early Christian and medieval art ; the Mystic Wine Press further develops the symbolism by depicting Christ treading on grapes or being crushed in a winepress out of which his blood flows. The image is often found in illustrated manuscripts of the *Apocalypse and became very popular in late medieval stained glass. Christ may be shown kneeling before the wine press or standing in it and treading on grapes (the machinery of the press may be shown as an upright *cross behind Christ), or Christ may be shown horizontally, actually squeezed in the press. Vats of his blood may be collected by kneeling and praying figures.
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