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According to the Gospel of *John, Nicodemus was a prominent *Jew (a member of the high court: the Sanhedrin) who acknowledged that Jesus was “a teacher come from *God.” He paid a secret nighttime visit to Jesus and engaged in lengthy conversation with him He later defended the absent Jesus before the Pharisees (John 7:50-51) and assisted with the *Deposition and *Entombment of Jesus . Apocryphal traditions identify Nicodemus as the person who extracted the nails from Jesus’ body ; hence, he features in scenes of the Deposition,   removing the nails with pincers while *Joseph of Arimathea supports the body. He and Joseph of Arimathea are shown carrying the body to the tomb and, accompanied by others, placing Jesus’ body in the cave or sarcophagus. Legends also recount that Nicodemus was a sculptor; he is said to have carved an image of the *Crucifixion now in the cathedral of Lucca . The apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus (or, Acts of Pilate ) contains detailed accounts of Jesus’ *Trials and *death, as well as the *Anastasis and *Resurrection.

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