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Noli Me Tangere

christ mary gardener

Noli me tangere is Latin for “Touch me not,” a fragment from the fuller words spoken by *Christ to *Mary Magdalene when he appeared to her after his *Resurrection. The conversation is recorded in *John which describes how Mary, left alone and weeping at Christ’s empty tomb, initially mistook Christ for the gardener and queried him as to the whereabouts of the body. When Christ addressed her by name, she recognized him, at which point he directed her not to cling to him but to go to the other   disciples and tell them of his reappearance and coming *Ascension. The subject appears in early Christian ivories of the fourth century and frequently in manuscript illustration and sculpture through the Gothic period. Mary is often shown kneeling before the standing Christ, who gestures toward her; she may reach out her arms toward him, and he may draw away from her. A landscape setting may be indicated, and occasionally Christ will hold a hoe or shovel (in reference to Mary’s initial assumption that he was the gardener).
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