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Petrarch, Francesco

scholar medieval italian poems

The Italian poet, scholar, and collector Francesco Petrarch (1304–1374) exerted a profound influence on the later medieval and early Renaissance periods through his writings, travels, political involvements, and friendships with notable contemporaries (e.g., *Boccaccio). An avid scholar and copier of classical texts, he amassed an impressive private library of ancient Roman works and authored many poems, treatises, dialogues, and historical compositions. He was influential in the development of classically based “humanistic” styles of script, and his own works were frequently copied and illustrated in the later medieval period and well into the Renaissance. His collection of love poems (the Canzoniere , written in Italian and inspired by his love for Laura) and his allegorical poem, the Trionfi , were widely popular, as well as his treatise on famous men of the past (De viris illustribus) . Other works include reflections on the *contemplative life, solitude, and redemption. Petrarch himself is represented in art as a scholar, or *author, often at work in his book-filled study.

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