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Raising of Jairus's Daughter

jesus jairus’s miracle shown

One of the three episodes in the Gospels where Jesus brings a dead person back to life, the raising of Jairus’s daughter follows the account of Jesus’ healing of the Woman with an Issue of Blood whom he had encountered while on his way to Jairus’s home. Jairus had summoned Jesus to his daughter’s deathbed, but she was already dead when Jesus arrived. Jesus took her hand and told her to arise. The physical contact between Jesus and Jairus’s daughter is not always shown in images of this *miracle; Jesus may stand over the reclining woman and gesture toward her. *Matthew (9:18-26) recounts that Jesus went alone into her room, while *Mark (5:35-43) and *Luke (8:49-56) tell that her parents and several *apostles (Peter, *James, and *John) witnessed the miracle. Hence, these additional figures may be included; Jairus may stand by the bed, and the girl’s mother may be shown assisting her as she sits upright. The subject is found on early Christian sarcophagi and ivories and in Romanesque and Gothic manuscripts and frescoes but is infrequent in later medieval art.
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