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Resurrection of Christ

century appearances christ’s triumphal

Following the *Crucifixion and *Entombment, the body of *Christ remained in the tomb for three days before he rose from the dead (returned to earth after the *Anastasis) and made various appearances to the disciples before his *Ascension. The Gospels do not describe the actual process of Christ’s Resurrection but rather concentrate upon the discovery of the empty tomband Christ’s post-resurrection appearances. Hence, in early Christian art the Resurrection is commonly represented by the pictorial narratives noted above or, as on fourth-century sarcophagi, in the symbolic form of a *cross bearing the * Chi-rho monogram in a triumphal wreath, flanked by *birds and the sleeping soldiers (tomb guards). By the tenth century, new iconographic formulae were developed for picturing the event: Christ is shown rising up from or stepping out of his sarcophagus, holding a cross staff or triumphal banner. A landscape setting may be indicated; *angels and soldiers may also be present. This image was especially popular in later medieval art of the fourteenth century onward, although examples may be found in the Romanesque and Gothic periods as well.
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