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Resurrection of the Dead

saint rising numerous christianity

The belief that the dead will rise is a central concept in both Christianity and late Judaism, the meanings and specifics of which were frequently discussed by numerous commentators. Connected, for *Jews, with the vindication of the good over the wicked and for Christians, with the Second Coming of *Christ, representations of the dead bodily rising up from their graves appear especially in scenes of the *Apocalypse and *Last Judgment. Naked or semiclothed figures may be shown climbing out of coffins, boxes, cracks in the earth, or rising from the sea while *angels blow trumpets (Rev. 8: 2; *Matthew 24: 31) and Christ appears. Saint *Augustine stated that the resurrected dead would all reappear as the same age as Jesus when he died (approximately thirty years old); hence, the rising dead are generally undifferentiated by age or other physical attributes. Individual stories of the dead being brought to life figure in early Christian cycles and many later examples illustrating the *miracles of Jesus, whose own Resurrection is a crucial tenet of Christianity . Other accounts of miraculous restorations are found in the Acts of the *Apostles, various apocryphal works, and numerous hagiographic tales (e.g., the raising of *Tabitha by Saint *Peter; Saint *Benedict restoring a monk, killed in a construction accident, to life). The *True Cross was proven by Saint *Helena when it revived a dead person.
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