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Appleton, Jon (Howard)

electronic music instruments digital

Appleton, Jon (Howard), American composer and teacher; b. Los Angeles, Jan. 4, 1939. He studied at Reed Coll. (B.A., 1961), with Imbrie in Berkeley, Calif. (1961–62), with Keller at the Univ. of Ore. (M.A., 1965), and with Ussachevsky at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (1965–66). In 1966–67 he taught at Oakland Univ. in Rochester, Mich. In 1967 he joined the faculty of Dartmouth Coll., where he founded its Breg-man Electronic Music Studio and, in 1979, received an endowed chair. With the engineer Sydney Alonso and the software designer Cameron Jones, Appleton developed the Dartmouth Digital Synthesizer (1972–74) and the Synclavier, a polyphonic digital synthesizer. He received Guggenheim and Fulbright fellowships (1970) and 2 NEA awards (1976). Appleton has written on the technology, theory, aesthetics, and social role of music. With R. Perera, he ed. the anthology The Development and Practice of Electronic Music (1975). He publ. 21 st -Century Musical Instruments: Hardware and Software (1989). In addition to his many electronic scores, he has also composed tonal works for acoustic instruments.

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