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Storm on the Sea of Galilee

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The Gospels contain several episodes and versions of Jesus’ miraculous calming of tempests and saving his disciples caught in storms at sea. Power over water is an attribute of *God in the Old Testament; hence these episodes also communicate about the identity of Jesus. *Matthew 8:23-27 describes one incident in which Jesus and his disciples were all together in a boat. Jesus was asleep when they got caught in a storm, and the frightened disciples woke him up. He rebuked them for their lack of faith and caused the sea and wind to become calm. This episode is frequently illustrated (especially in manuscripts) up through the twelfth century; Jesus may be shown sleeping in the boat or sitting up and gesturing in *benediction; the winds may be personified as little puffing heads and the boat may be shown with sails and/or oars.

Matthew 14:22-23 also recounts another episode when Jesus instructed his disciples to go before him and travel by boat across the sea without him. When a storm came up, Jesus walked across the water to them. *Peter, wishing proof, also wanted to walk on the water, and he became frightened and began to sink, at which point Jesus rescued him. This scene was also popular in art from the early Christian period; the disciples may be shown watching from the boat while Jesus pulls the sinking Peter from the water, or Jesus may be shown standing on the water or climbing into the boat.

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