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Supper at Emmaus

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One of *Christ’s appearances after his *Resurrection, the Supper at Emmaus receives a detailed account in *Luke 24. Two of the disciples on their journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus encountered a stranger to whom they recounted the recent events, the *death and burial of Jesus and the report of his resurrected appearance to a disciple . The stranger countered their recital with a narration drawn from Old Testament *prophets. Agreeing to join them for the evening meal at the inn at Emmaus, he blessed and distributed bread to them. At his sharing of food, their “eyes were opened,” and the disciples recognized him as Christ, at which point he vanished. They then returned to Jerusalem to tell the news joyfully to the other disciples. The subject receives pictorial treatment as a sequence to the encounter on the road to Emmaus and also as an independent subject distinct in detail but compositionally similar to other scenes such as the *Last Supper and *Marriage at Cana. The three figures are normally shown seated at a table with Christ in the center; *fish and bread may be represented on the table and Christ may be shown breaking and distributing bread to the disciples; sometimes other figures (e.g., the innkeeper, servants) are present; an architectural enframement or interior space may be indicated. The subject appears frequently in manuscript illustration and sculpture from the eleventh century following.
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