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Woman with an Issue of Blood

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The *miracle of Jesus healing a woman with a persistant hemorrhage is represented in art from as early as the fourth century. The episode is recounted in the Gospels of *Matthew, *Mark, and *Luke, which describe that when Jesus was en route to the house of Jairus (who had summoned Jesus to his daughter’s deathbed; , a woman emerged from the crowd and touched Jesus’ robe as he walked by. She was immediately cured of her prolonged illness. When Jesus sensed what had happened, he turned and spoke to her as she fearfully fell on the ground. He reassured her that her faith had made her whole. In fourth- and Page 268 fifth-century examples, the woman may be shown kneeling and touching or pulling on Jesus’ robe as he turns around and gestures toward her (sometimes he touches her head) while speaking to her or to one of the disciples. Jairus may also be present. Sixth-century mosaics show the woman throwing herself on the ground in front of Jesus as he gestures toward her. The image remains thus presented through the later centuries, with a tendency to an increased number of witnessing figures (the “crowd” described in the Gospels). The unnamed woman was associated, in later sources, with Saint *Veronica and also identified as *Martha (the sister of Lazarus).

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