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Stopes, Marie (Charlotte)

control birth london contraception

(1880–1958) British palaeobotanist and early advocate of birth control.

Marie Stopes studied botany, geography and geology and gained her degree at University College, London. She then went to Munich and took a doctorate in 1904, and was awarded a London DSc in 1905. In 1904 she became the first woman member of the science staff of Manchester University. Stopes soon had a leading position in research on fossil plants, and was responsible for a useful classification of coals on this basis.

Her first marriage was annulled for non-consummation in 1916, and led to her book Married Love (1916). In it she argued that women were as entitled as men to physical pleasure; it also discussed birth control methods. The book was much attacked, and was banned in the USA, but it led to many enquiries on contraception which she answered in Wise Parenthood (1918). She married the aviator and industrialist H V Roe (1878–1949) who gave her support to open the first British birth control clinic in 1921, in north London. Her robust attitude to opposition and her forceful and eccentric personality helped to change attitudes to sex and contraception in the UK.

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