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Virtanen, Arthuri Ilmari

fermentation plants chemistry reaction

(1895–1973) Finnish biochemist.

Virtanen studied science at Helsinki, and after graduation concentrated on biochemical topics during further study in Zurich and Stockholm. Back in Helsinki from 1920, he was professor of biochemistry there from the 1930s, and in 1948 became President of the Finnish State Academy of Science and Arts. His research was initially on bacterial fermentation reactions of glucose, which he showed followed similar initial paths even when the final products differed. The fermentation of dihydroxyacetone by E.coli to give glycerol and glyceric acid was the first fermentation reaction to be elucidated chemically from beginning to end, in 1929.

From 1925 he studied the nitrogen-fixation reaction associated with leguminous plants; vitamin formation in plants; and the atypical amino acids and organosulphur compounds found in plants. His work in applied dairy chemistry led to improvements in silage-making, fodder preservation and vitamin content in dairy products. He won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1945.

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