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Augustus, Janice G.

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Augustus, Janice G., African-American composer, violinist, and organist; b. Cleveland, Oct. 31, 1945. At an early age, she studied piano extensively with Rose Widder and violin with Gino Antal. She later attended Howard Univ. in Washington, D.C. (1964–69), becoming proficient on several other instruments. From 1976 to 1996 she served as a teacher for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles at Guardian Angel Catholic School in Pacoima, where, from 1971 to 1997, she also was organist and choir director at the Guardian Angel Catholic Church. While she composed and conducted many original works in her capacity as choir director, since 1998 she has devoted herself to composition, rapidly producing small works for and with violin. These include (all 1998) City Images, op.4, for Violin and Piano, Images of Zoria for Violin, op.3, Miniatures for Two Violins, opp. 7-10, Miniature in Two Movements for Violin and Piano, op.6, Miniature Sonata for Violin, op.2, and Six Miniatures for Violin, op.l, nos. 1-6.

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over 5 years ago

Thank you for this skeletal recap of my music life. However, a few corrections are in order in keeping with your statement of "factual and accurate information":

1) ... composer, violinist, pianist and organist. [I majored in violin and piano, even though I ended up as organist almost as much as pianist.]

2) The state, "Ohio", should be added to Cleveland.

3) Howard U. 1964-68. [By 1969, I was already living in California.]

4) The state, "California", should be added to Los Angeles. Its state might not automatically be assumed, especially by people of other countries. [California has been my place of residence for over forty years.]

5) Even though I named a lot of my earlier works "Miniatures", not all of my works are "small" - not by a long shot. The word "small" should be omitted.

6) "Op." stands for "Opus". Audio reads it as "Op." with a short "o" sound as in "top".

7) Opus 1 is being read with an "L" instead of the number "one" (along with the short "o" sound. Ouch!).