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Aula, Giacomo

jazz italian music orchestra

Aula, Giacomo, Italian jazz pianist, composer; b. Lagonegro, March 28, 1967. Aula studied classical music with Maria Martino, African- American music in Torino (where he has lived since 1986), and jazz peformance, jazz orchestra playing, and musicology at Siena Jazz (studying with Enrico Rava, Franco D’Andrea, Bruno Tommaso, Marcello Piras, and Stefano Zenni). In 1994 he earned a degree in electronic engineering from Politecnico di Torino, studying especially electroacoustics and human hearing. Two years later, Aula toured Germany and appeared on Italian television, and he regularly appears at Italian festivals. He performed from 1995-98 in The Orch. Nazionale Giovanile (youth jazz orchestra) with Gianluigi Trovesi (cl.), Bruno Tommaso (dir., arr.), Rudy Migliardi (trmb.), and guests Palle Danielsson (bs.), Peter Erskine (drm.) and James Newton (fit., dir.). An organist and electric bassist, Aula also tours and records with Larry Schneider and teaches piano at the Musicae Fabri School in Montiglio founded by Luciano Bertolotti.

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