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Avenary, Hanoch (real name, Herbert Loewenstein)

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Avenary, Hanoch (real name, Herbert Loewenstein), Israeli musicologist; b. Danzig, May 25, 1908. He studied musicology and other subjects at the univs. of Leipzig, Munich, and Frankfurt am Main; then received his Ph.D. in 1931 from the Univ. of Königsberg with the diss. Wort und Ton bei Oswald von Wolkenstein (publ. in Königsberg, 1932). He went to Palestine in 1936 and was active as a publisher of Jewish art books. He also served in the Israeli air force. In 1965 he joined the faculty of Hebrew Univ. in Jerusalem, where he remained until 1972; from 1966 he was also a lecturer at the Univ. of Tel Aviv. His books include Studies in the Hebrew, Syrian and Greek Liturgical Recitative (Tel Aviv, 1963); Hebrew Hymn Tunes: Rise and Development of a Musical Tradition (Tel Aviv, 1971); The Ashkenazi Tradition of Biblical Chant between 1500 and 1900 (Tel Aviv, 1978); Encounters of East and West in Music (Tel Aviv, 1979); Kantor Salomon Sulzer und seine Zeit: Eine Dokumentation (Sigmaringen, 1985).

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