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Avni, Tzvi (Jacob)

music prize received israel

Avni, Tzvi (Jacob), German-born Israeli composer, teacher, and writer on music; b. Saarbrücken, Sept. 2, 1927. He emigrated to Palestine in 1935; studied with Abel Ehrlich and Seter at the Tel Aviv Academy of Music (diploma, 1958), and also received private instruction in orchestration from Ben-Haim. He was a student of Copland and Foss at the Berkshire Music Center in Tanglewood (summer, 1963), later pursuing studies in electronic music with Ussachevsky and in music librarianship at Columbia Univ. (1963–64). He also studied with Schaeffer at the Univ. of Toronto (1964). He was director of the AMLI Central Music Library in Tel Aviv (1961–75), served as ed. of the journal Gitit (1966–80), was director of the electronic music studio (from 1971) and a prof. (from 1976) at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem, and was chairman of the Israel League of Composers (1978–80) and of the music committee of the National Council for Culture and Art (1983–87). He received the ACUM Prize in 1966 for his Meditations on a Drama and in 1986 for his life’s work. In 1973 he won the Engel Prize for his Holiday Metaphors . In 1990 he received the Kuestermeier Prize of the Germany-Israel Friendship Assn., and in 1998 the Israel Prime Minister’s Prize for his life’s work as well as the Culture Prize of the Saarland State of Germany. After utilizing advanced compositional techniques, Avni pursued neo-tonal writing.

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