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Crouch, Andrae(1942–) - Gospel singer, composer, minister, Chronology

crouch’s father church music

Andrae Crouch is one of the most important innovators of contemporary gospel music. His arrangements and production of Christian music changed the way in which music of worship is perceived in the United States. Crouch’s music embraces listeners of traditional gospel recordings and diverse others who enjoy jazz, blues, and non-traditional performances. His songs have been performed by various artists, including Paul Simon and Elvis Presley. The recipient of more than sixteen Grammy Awards, Crouch as a gospel musician, recording artist, songwriter, arranger, and producer is recognized as an international music star. His message of hope, faith and joy transcends color, class, and creed.

The Crouch family welcomed on July 1, 1942 twins whom they named Andrae Edward and Sandra. The new additions to the family made a total of three siblings which included an older brother, Benjamin. Crouch and his twin sister were born into the dedicated Christian family of Catherine Dorothea and Benjamin Jerome Crouch. Crouch’s father Benjamin was a lay preacher and the owner of two dry-cleaning stores. Crouch’s mother managed one of the stores and his father managed the other. Their places of business also served as an opportunity to share their faith with their customers. The family was aware of all their blessings and clearly saw one of their missions as proselytizing. They were active members of the Emmanuel Church of God and Christ, with Rev. Samuel M. Crouch, Crouch’s great uncle as the pastor. The church had a congregation of more than 2,000 members. Early experiences for Crouch centered on church work and singing in a trio with his sister and brother at Sunday school.

As a lay preacher, Crouch’s father would be called to churches that had need of a preacher on a short term basis. Crouch’s father preached at the Macedonia Church about sixty miles from their home in Los Angeles. The entire family attended the service and heard Crouch’s father preach for the first time in a real pulpit and not on the street, at a hospital, or in other created spaces. He was urged to continue on an interim basis until the church secured a full-time pastor. Crouch’s father was reluctant and decided to make a bargain with the Lord. Both Sandra and Benjamin had musical talent, but Andrae was dyslexic and stuttered badly. Crouch’s father promised the Lord that if his son were given the gift of music, he would become a full-time minister. Crouch’s mother believed in her husband’s prayer and bought a cardboard piano keyboard for Crouch to practice on. Crouch, who was eleven at the time, had no real thoughts about music other than singing, but he took to the keyboard emulating music he had heard on the radio. Crouch’s father called on him to attest to his musical talents. During a service at Macedonia Church, the congregation was to sing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” Crouch came forward to accompany the church on the piano at his father’s request. Not really sure of all the pedals and in particular the middle pedal, Crouch played for the congregation with both hands. Within two weeks Crouch’s father gave up his dry-cleaning businesses and the ministry of the entire family had begun.



Born in Los Angeles, California on July 1


Begins playing for church service at eleven years of age


Begins composing songs at fourteen


Forms the group, Andrae Crouch and the Disciples


Signs with Light Records and releases debut album with group, Take the Message Everywhere


Begins solo career with LP release Just Andrae


Receives first of sixteen Grammy Awards with his group the Disciples for Take Me Back


Releases album Don’t Give Up on mainstream label


Receives Oscar nomination for the score of the film The Color Purple


Mother, father and older brother Benjamin die


Becomes pastor of Christ Memorial Church of God in Christ, Pacoima, California


Receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


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