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Tiger Direct - TigerSoftware, TigerDirect, 2005 Apple Computer Lawsuit, Customer Reviews

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TigerDirect was originally known as TigerSoftware and provided titles for PC as well as Apple Computer technology. Tiger provides millions of catalogs and brochures every year about everything from new launches to contests and sweepstakes they run in conjunction with Microsoft. TigerSoftware publishes a number of titles including, The Typewriter, PopDrop, and many others. All of the titles are distributed on CD format. In the late 90s, TigerSoftware also launched a NEC CD player that cost $1000 and went on to be one of their biggest successes.


TigerDirect was spawned from TigerSoftware after the company began to sell PC kits that the consumer could build themselves. These cheaper computers were put together with the help of a number of manufacturers in the US as well as Canada. Customization for the desktop and notebook models was also readily available. TigerDirect.com was launched in the late 90s and sold computers, electronics, books, and software. TigerDirect began offering more products in 2000. These new products included revamped and recertified computers as well as brand name models from Gateway, IBM, eMachine, and HP. From 2000-2004, TigerDirect became known as one of the top 200 websites in the entire world.

2005 Apple Computer Lawsuit

In 2005, TigerDirect filed a lawsuit against Apple Computer for trademark infringement, false designation of origin, and dilution. TigerDirect alleged that Apple Computer had made a false designation of origin when they introduced Apple’s Mac OS X v10.4 which was marketed as “Tiger.” Even though TigerDirect had registered a number of products with names using the word “Tiger,” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Apple Computer was given approval for their version in 2003. TigerDirect owned the Tiger and TigerSoftware marks and registered opposition with Apple, filing with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. In May of 2005, Apple Computer was allowed an emergency hearing on the suit brought on by TigerDirect. During the hearing, the judge found in favor of Apple Computer, and the case was settled out of court. Apple Computer no longer uses the word “Tiger” in the naming of its products.

Customer Reviews

A majority of TigerSoftware customers who buy from TigerDirect through Amazon.com provide positive feedback and reviews. TigerDirect’s feedback is 4.6 stars out of 5 as of March 2007. Many of the complaints launched against TigerDirect have to do with the customers not being rewarded the rebates promised by TigerDirect’s company, OnRebate.com. There is not a comparable customer survey for OnRebate available anywhere. In December 2006, in an issue of Consumer Reports Magazine, TigerDirect was named as one of the best places online to buy computers. The purpose of the article was to provide a shopping guide for people wanting to buy computers.

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