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Moon, Henry Lee(1901–1985) - Journalist, editor, civil rights activist,  , Chronology

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Henry Lee Moon was an advocate for civil rights and dedicated servant and leader to the African American community. Henry Moon’s career, beginning in 1926 as press agent for Tuskegee Institute through 1974 as editor of the prominent magazine, The Crisis , spanned nearly fifty years. Through his work as a journalist, editor, author, and civil rights advocate, Moon must be counted as one of the major African American activists of his time.

Henry Lee Moon was born on July 20, 1901 in Pendleton, South Carolina to William J. Moon and Georgia Bullock. The Moon family soon moved to Cleveland, Ohio where young Moon spent most of his childhood years. Moon’s parents became active in and Moon’s father served as the first president of the local Cleveland branch of the NAACP.

Much of the Moon family’s social and political activism would impact young Moon and remain with him throughout his life. When he was only nine years of age the NAACP launched its premiere magazine, The Crisis . With W. E. B. Du Bois, noted scholar and activist, as its editor, The Crisis had a huge influence on many people within the African American community. Moon was certainly influenced by Du Bois and the NAACP so much so that he would later become public relations director of the NAACP and fourth editor of this journal. Ultimately he edited and published a collection of Du Bois’ works entitled The Emerging Thoughts of Du Bois . Moon’s academic training at Howard University and at Ohio State University provided him the training he needed to work in journalism. He entered Howard University with a major in journalism in 1918. By 1924, he had earned an MA. in journalism from Ohio State University.




Born in Pendleton, South Carolina on July 20


Graduates with B.A. from Howard University in Washington, D.C.


Receives MA degree in journalism from Ohio State University


Becomes press agent for Tuskegee Institute in Alabama


Joins the New York Amsterdam News as a journalist


Travels with twenty-one prominent African Americans to the Soviet Union to produce a film about the history of blacks in the United States


Dismissed from the New York Amsterdam News for union activities


Serves on staff at the Federal Public Housing Authority as race relations advisor


Serves as director of Political Action Committee of the Congress of Industrial Organizations


Publishes Balance of Power: The Negro Vote


Becomes director of public relations for the NAACP


Becomes fourth editor of the NAACP’s magazine, The Crisis


Edits The Emerging Thoughts of W. E. B. Du Bois: Essays and Editorials from “The Crisis”


Retires from NAACP and as editor of The Crisis


Dies in New York City on June 7

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