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Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich

bückeburg music chamber schünemann

Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich (the “Bückeburg” Bach), ninth son of Johann Sebastian; b. Leipzig, June 21, 1732; d. Bückeburg, Jan. 26, 1795. He studied music with his father, then attended the Univ. of Leipzig, where he took courses in jurisprudence. Adopting music as his principal vocation, he became a chamber musician in Bückeburg, a post he held until his death. Although less known as a composer than his brothers, he was a fine musician. A selected edition of his works was ed. by G. Schünemann and sponsored by the Fürstliches Institut für Musikwis-senschaftliche Forschung (1920–22). Schünemann also ed. several oratorios in Denkmaler Deutscher Tonkunst (vol. 56, 1917). G. Walter ed. the cantata Die Amerikanerin (Berlin, 1919), and L. Duttenhofer, a set of six quartets (Paris, 1922); several other chamber works may be found in K. Geiringer, Music of the Bach Family: An Anthology (Cambridge, Mass., 1955); three syms. have been ed. in facsimile by H. Wohlfarth (Bückeburg, 1966).

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