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Phillips, Channing E.(1928–1987) - Minister, civil rights activist, Chronology

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Channing Emery Phillips was a noted clergyman and civil rights activist. Intellectually gifted and attuned to the needs of the urban poor, he was deeply committed to helping black and low-income families improve their circumstances. He attained national recognition at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968, when he became the first black man to be nominated for president of the United States.

Descended from Native American, African American, and Caucasian people, Phillips was from a prominent upper-class black family whose family tree and achievements were profiled in the Negro History Bulletin . His father, Reverend Porter W. Phillips Sr., held an honorary doctorate of divinity degree and was the pastor of the Carrone Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for twenty-five years. His mother, Dorothy Fletcher Phillips, was a schoolteacher, church organist, and choir director. The couple had five sons: Porter Jr., Channing, Treadwell, Wendell, and Fletcher, as well as one daughter, Marie.

Phillips was born in Brooklyn, New York on March 23, 1928. Like their father, Channing and his brothers earned their undergraduate degrees at the historically black Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia. All of the Phillips brothers were members of Alpha Kappa Alpha fraternity, and all but one was a minister or had been employed by a church.



Born in Brooklyn, New York on March 23


Serves in the United States Air Force; leaves with rank of sergeant


Graduates from Virginia Union with A.B. degree in sociology


Receives B.D. from Colgate Divinity School, Rochester, New York


Studies as doctoral fellow in New Testament Studies at Drew University


Marries Jane Celeste Nabors


Serves as pastor, Lemuel Hayes Congregational Church


Serves as pastor, Lincoln Memorial Congregational Temple United Church of Christ


Serves as executive director, Housing Development Corporation


First African American nominated for president by a major political party, Democratic National Convention in Chicago


Serves as Democratic committee member


Loses election to House of Representatives from Washington, D.C.


Resigns from Housing Development Corporation


Serves as minister of planning and coordination, Riverside Church, New York


Dies in New York City on November 13

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4 months ago

Alpha Kappa Alpha is a sorority, not a fraternity. Perhaps Mr. Phillips was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.