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TAG Heuer - History, Popularity Among Racers, Watches

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In 1860, Edouard Heuer founded his own company to create timepieces. In 1869, Heuer created the very first crown-winding piece used in pocket watches. Twenty years later, in 1889, the Heuer company managed to win a silver medal during the Universal Exhibition in Paris, France. Heuer won for its collection of pocket watches. In 1911, the company patented the first car dashboard timepiece known as the “Time of Trip” chronograph. The first wristwatch was developed in 1914.


Heuer made watches for Abercrombie & Fitch, an American retailer, in the 1950s. Known by the names of Seafarer and Autograph, these watches were made with special dials. These dials had yellow, blue and green patterns and even showed high and low-tides. The phases of the moon were also trackable with the watches. Heuer made the Mareographe watch as well. A newer version of the Autograph was made in 1953 and could compute the speed of a car over one mile.

Popularity Among Racers


Heuers became popular watches among race divers. The Autavia watch was made in 1862 and timed races. The Carrera watch was made in 1963. The majority of Heuer watches used movements by Valjoux. After Heuer bought the Leonidas brand in the 1960s, they manufactured the watches for the German air force.


Heuer’s new watches, made in the early 1980s, were powered by Lemania. These watches have the minute hand for the watch on the center instead of on the smaller register. This placement improved legibility in watch reading. This series of watches was very durable. TAG Heuer was newly formed in 1985. TAG, or Techniques d’Avant Garde, was a manufacturer of high-tech merchandise used in Formula 1 racing cars. The two companies brought new products into the modern world and became a huge name in Swiss Watchmaking.


TAG Heuer is a well-wnown name in wristwatch making. TAG Heuer is fourth in a ranking of luxury timepieces in the market. Models include the Link, Monaco, Kirium and Aquaracer. Nowadays, TAG Heuer’s technology creates the newest and most advanced timepieces. Recently made models include the Monaco V4 which is driven by belt movement rather than by gears. Also included in these recent models is the Carrera 360 which is the first mechanical wristwatch that can display time to 1/100th of a single second. The Monaco 69 has a digital watch and regular mechanical movement. Its hinged mechanism allows the wearer to flip the watch back and forth between two separate dials. Many famous celebrities have been spokespeople for TAG Heuer watches. One of the most recent spokespersons was Uma Thurman, a well-known model and actress. TAG Heuers 2006 timepieces were priced from $700 to almost $125,000 dollars in U.S. currency.

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